Men’s Barbershop Hairstyles for 2018

The Best Men’s Haircuts for 2018

Men visit the barbershop often not only to cut hair but to style up. Looking good is not only for ladies but also men which means they have to keep up with changing hairstyle trends.

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There are many hairstyles in 2018 and deciding which one to choose is tough. Classic hairstyles are constantly getting updated to look cooler and modern while new styles come up. The men’s barbershop is the place every man will find comfort and stylish haircut of choice. If the barber is experienced, it does not matter the texture of your hair, the following hairstyles should be easy to cut.

The Textured Crop

The textured style is one of the most popular and stylish looks in 2018. The reason it is popular is that you can wear it casual or formal and its simplicity makes it easy and quick to style. You can make it long or short, styled or messy and still look good. The fact is, many men are styling the textured look, from Mohawk, Pompadour to Quiff and comb-over. Scissor Hand barbers enjoy styling it because the crop on top is cut using scissors.

Modern Quiff

The quiff is a classic look that has managed to remain in barbershops. The modern quaff is a little challenging because the top adds extra length which requires extensive styling. But, with the look that comes after, it is fashionable and worth the time and energy.


The Mohawk has been there for years for its low maintenance. The modern version involves a gentle transition between the faded sides and the long hair on top. Similar to the traditional Mohawk it involves a strip that runs down to the middle of your head.


The comb-over is a good style even if you wear it casually or formally. What is good about it is that you can wear it your own unique way. You can wear a low fade, undercut the sides or long, medium or short hair on top. This style can be worn by anyone.


The pompadour is almost similar to the quiff only that it has an undercut that has an edgier look. The main features of the pompadour are its short sides and long top hair. Scissor Hand gives you a great and fashionable pompadour look.

The benefits of having a haircut or grooming at Scissor Hand is because of the vast experience of the barbers. The services are highly satisfactory, a relaxing environment and friendly servers. The customer can choose the grooming service he wishes.

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