Top Men’s Hairdressing Tips

men's hairdressing servicesTop tips for keeping your hair looking good

Whether you wake up every morning with your hair looking photoshoot ready or it takes you a while to get it looking good there are some things that all men should be doing to look after their hair. If you look after your hair it is going to look better, sit better and you are going to feel better too. This article will share our top five tips for what you should be doing at home in between your cuts here at the popular Scissor Hand for men’s hairdressing services based in Soho, London.

Tip #1 – Clean your hair with shampoo, but don’t overdo it:

Naturally we are born with oils in our skin and scalp which nourishes and protects our hair. Before shampoo people were not walking around with greasy hair, the natural oils looked after it. However, with our modern way of living our hair gets greasy a lot quicker and so shampoo helps to keep it looking good. However, it is important that you do not wash it through with shampoo everyday otherwise you are going to strip out the natural oils and your hair is going to look limp and not so healthy.

Tip #2 – Condition your hair every few washes:

Despite our best efforts to not overdo the shampooing we inevitably do end up washing out some of those natural oils. Conditioner is an excellent way of reintroducing them. By using a good conditioner every couple of washes you will help your hair grow and keep it looking health. If you have short hair just use a tiny amount and work it into your scalp. If you have longer hair rub it into the ends of your hair.

Tip #3 – Look after your scalp:

Your scalp is the home to your hair follicles so you want to be treating them well – you definitely do not want to be doing anything to damage these which may encourage them to stop producing hair! Always avoid very hot showers.

Tip #4 – Easy on the product:

Do not put any nasty chemicals on your scalp. Check the ingredients in your hair products and treat it the way you would treat any other part of your body that is sensitive and precious.

Tip #5 – Be good to your hair:

Regularly go to a men’s hairdressing expert at Scissor Hand barbers and they will make sure you are looking great.

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