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The Russian Hairdresser’s Hatchet Job

How Russian barber, Daniil Isotomin cuts his customers’ hair with a hatchet

Hatchet job post image by Kachalkina Veronika (via Shutterstock).

“I’ve a neanderthal mane…”: Daniil claims his offbeat way of cutting hair was inspired by the era of man living in caves rather than man caves. Image by Kachalkina Veronika (via Shutterstock).

In our barber shop in London, we offer the latest looks in hair design and colour at a good price. We keep abreast at the latest hair styling fashions and use the latest equipment in our salon. We also use some of the oldest techniques, like cut throat razors for a shave, and offer our customers a mug of tea or something a bit stronger. Instead of cut throat razors, or even a pair of scissors, we have learned of a Russian hairdresser who cuts hair with… a hatchet.

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